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27th October - 17th November at Smithy Gallery, Blanefield, Glasgow.

21st November – 19th December at Mackintosh Church, Queen’s Cross, Glasgow.

  • April/May with The Edinburgh Gallery, Edinburgh
  • September with The Catto Gallery, London
  • October/November with Smithy Gallery, Blanefield, Glasgow

Brief for exhibition of work by Group 13 Artists


Group13 Artists present Glasgow Haiku, an exhibition of work by 13 painters and one writer.

Venue The Glasgow Art Club, exhibition dates, 5th November – 1st December.

Background In 2010 a group of artists was invited to exhibit in an exhibition at Kelvingrove entitled The River Runs Through It. The brief was to create work inspired by the Clyde and the Riverside Museum, which was at that point, unfinished.

Some months ago, Liz Knox and Jan Patience were chatting and decided it would be a great progression from this to ask some of the exhibitors to re-assemble for another Glasgow inspired exhibition.

So, 13 visual artists were approached, hence Group13 Artists, and one writer – Jan Patience. Jan is submitting lots of haikus and since all the painters have been challenged to produce haikus, she has been challenged to create a visual.


Rules Each painting/ visual has to have as its title a haiku written by the artist.

          All works must have some connection between the artist and the City of Glasgow.


It may be that for some works the haiku came first, for others, the visual image was first.


Artists involved in alphabetical order

Sue Biazotti, Colin Brown, Michael G Clark, Annette Edgar, Charles Jamieson, Adam Kennedy, Paul Kennedy, John Kingsley, Liz Knox, Ruth Nicol, Jan Patience, Katie Pope, Rachael Rebus, Alasdair Wallace.

Press Release

Riverside Museum Exhibition Leads Scots Artists To Poetic Waters

Group 13 Artists: Glasgow Haiku
Glasgow Art Club
185 Bath Street G2 4RU
t: 0141 248 5210
November 5 – December 1, 2012

Two years ago, artist Liz Knox took part in an exhibition at Kelvingrove in Glasgow called The River Runs Through It. 

The exhibition, which raised thousands of pounds for The Riverside Museum Appeal, featured original paintings by established and emerging Scottish artists who were asked to respond to both the River Clyde and the new iconic Zaha Hadid Riverside Museum, which was at that point, unfinished. Knox was so inspired by the experience that along with arts writer, Jan Patience, she decided to ask 12 artists who took part in the show, to re-assemble for another exhibition inspired by Glasgow, called Glasgow Haiku.

Under the name Group 13 Artists, well-known painters such as Knox, Sue Biazotti, Charles Jamieson, Annette Edgar, Alasdair Wallace, John Kingsley and Adam Kennedy – the young artist who won the final Aspect Prize last year – will all be showing new work at The Glasgow Art Club during the month of November.

The exhibition is called Glasgow Haiku because the artists have all been asked to write a haiku – a short Japanese poem – as a title for each work. 

Liz Knox said: “Jan and I were chatting last year about how sad it was that The River Runs Through It didn’t lead to anything else because there was such a lot of energy surrounding it. We decided that we would ask some of the artists to get back together again and make new work that responded to Glasgow in a poetic way – hence Glasgow Haiku. I thought that it was only right that Jan should have the tables turned on her and be asked to produce art work, since she is always writing about art. She has taken me at my word and written a haiku a day – not all about Glasgow, she tells me – since January 1. Jan will be exhibiting framed works and haikus. We’re hoping that this will give a fresh view of Glasgow in a poetic way. It’s been challenging for the artists to create a representation of each idea in a poem and a picture.”

Artists taking part:

Sue Biazotti, Colin Brown, Michael G Clark, Annette Edgar, Charles Jamieson, Adam Kennedy, Paul Kennedy, John Kingsley, Liz Knox, Ruth Nicol, Jan Patience, Katie Pope, Rachael Rebus, Alasdair Wallace

Lesley Duncan poetry editor of the Herald, writing in the Herald 21st November 2012.

lesley duncan piece on liz knox in the hearld

Blue Coat

blue coat in Glasgow
a Yevtushenko poem
waiting by the Clyde

Oil on Canvas - 10 x 10ins


here waiting watching
now reflecting on the river
and remembering

Oil on Canvas - 12 x 16ins


haven within enclave
enclaves within enclosure
singular escape

Oil on Canvas - 30 x 36ins